Peter Worcester is 'One of a Kind'

Peter Worcester BA, BSc, FIAA

Peter Worcester BA, BSc, FIAA

Peter does not fit neatly into the usual 'boxes'. He is many skill-sets and experiences rolled into a highly unique and individual package.

Peter has 'hands-on' experience of many different types of sophisticated financial services, including:

  • Taking Qantas' 747s off its balance sheet
  • Helping National Mutual avoid the junk bond blowup
  • Managing almost $5 billion in Statutory Funds 
  • Raising capital for a private equity fund 

Stories like those show why it is so hard to categorise Peter. He is:

  • An actuary
  • A financial engineer
  • A skilled creator of financial products, with a track record of bringing them successfully to market
  •  An investment authority
  • A serial entrepreneur
  • A proven manager
  • An advocate for retail-investors’ rights
  • Very clever!


Peter trained as an actuary with National Mutual (now part of AMP) and spent nearly 20 years with that organisation in a variety of roles. Highlights of this time included:

  • Creating and launching Australia’s first Infrastructure Bond Issue
  • Managing investment and administration of two Statutory Funds controlling almost $5 billion
  • Creating and managing the National Mutual Summit Master Trust
  • Unitisi ng three NMLA Statutory Fund

Peter was a key player is moving Qantas 747s off the company's balance sheet through leveraged leases. He also managed other 'non-standard' investments including:

  • Infrastructure investments
  • Redeemable preference shares
  • Synthetic options & futures
  • Arbitrage trading between physical & derivative markets

Peter became a senior investment manager with National Mutual Funds Management, where he sat on the investment committee and oversaw implementation of investment strategies. Peter was also responsible for valuations and unit-pricing. Other roles for Peter at National Mutual included Marketing Manager for Financial Products & Retail Financial Services. In this role he rationalised and reorganised financial products, staff and marketing strategies.

During his time with National Mutual Peter was the Director of number of subsidiary companies, including:

  • Australian Casualty & Life Limited
  • National Mutual Trustees Limited
  • National Mutual Assets Management Limited
  • National Mutual Financial Planning Pty Limited
  • National Mutual Adviser Services Pty Limited
  • Godfrey Weston 


Moving on from National Mutual Peter became a Principal with Mercer, where he spent over four years consulting with major institutional clients.

Now, as Principal of Worcester Consulting Group, Peter helps a wide range of clients with a multitude of financial and investment needs. 

As one of Peter’s clients, Max Super, said in an interview in the Business Review in the Australian newspaper:

When setting up Max Super we also got Peter Worcester, a superannuation industry stalwart, to advise us on how to set up the business and what pitfalls to look out for. You can often avoid making mistakes by getting advice from people who are experts in the field.

Read the full story here. 

Find out more about Peter Worcester. Call Peter direct on 0414 303 322.