Peter is a sought after expert

Peter has long list of writing credits in published articles in newspapers, professional publications and academic journals. He is an acclaimed expert whose opinion and analysis is frequently sought by the finance industry, governments and the media. 

2008 Financial Crisis

Lack of solvency is the issue that is really behind this credit meltdown. No-one knows for certain who is solvent. No amount of liquidity will help this problem. Peter Worcester, 2008.

In 2008 Peter anticipated the impending financial crisis is his presentation 'The known unknowns'. 

In this presentation Peter explored the financial bombs that could be ticking out of sight, which soon exploded to bring the global financial system to its knees. 

Peter's presentation included a checklist of the critical factors needed to restore normal trading conditions by ensuring solvency problems could be 'washed' through the system. Download the 2008 powerpoint presentation here. 

Storm Financial collapse

Storm and its advisors failed every one of the three main requirements about giving suitable advice. What was their compliance manager doing? Peter Worcestor, 2009.

Peter's analytical and insightful critique of the collapse of Storm Financial played a key role in informing the Australian government of the systemic and regulatory failures that led to often crippling losses for clients totalling hundreds of millions of dollars. 



When managing a portfolio of bank bills Peter discovered there was not an appropriate investment performance index in Australia - so he created one!

The 'Australian Bank Bill Index' has been described as a simple and elegant solution, which persists today under the care of Bloomberg.

Read more about Peter's work by downloading this document. 


Peter has published a wide array of articles in academic journals and in the financial media, often in conjunction with long-time collaborator Paul Resnik. Peter is a regular contributor to the public debate through his assistance to government inquiries into the financial services sector. This is a small selection of Peter's recent work.